Friday, April 1, 2011

Backup Copy

For those who prefer just to read articles, feel free to read, comment, and share any of these articles listed below.  Thanks to all of you who somehow manage to inspire us writers to keep on going!

As writers, we all have articles that we are writing online daily.  This blog is for my friends to post their free article links to their online articles for myself and others to read.  Instead of tweeting, or in addition to tweeting, post your free article link in as a comment for others to see.  Feel free to post a small comment along with your free article link.  It is always great to catch up on what other writers are writing online.

I will start by posting an article from a very good friend of mine for everyone to read and please leave a comment if you can.  Thank you very much!

How to Reduce Your Photo File Size

Now, let's all start reading, learning, posting, and sharing!  I will also be adding free article links for my friends.

Here is a list of my friends on List My Five to start with.  I will be adding one article link for each writer once I get their final approval.

          LWCox  The Top Five Best Ways to Save Money on Groceries

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